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eSun Solar endeavors to provide best possible weekly spot prices for Indian solar market.Solar cell prices and solar panel prices are in reference to Indian context only.

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Solar cell and solar modules price in India weekly update in Ruppee

Solar Cells Prices (Prices in Rs) (Updated on 4/1/2021)

Product Type Min. Price Max. Price Avg. Price Abs. Change % Change
Multi Cell - DW - 18.6% (Non DCR) (Per Watt) 7 7.9 7.2 -0.1 ↓ -1.37% ↓
Mono PERC Cell - 21.4%  (Non DCR) (Per Watt) 11.2 12.1 11.4 0.7 ↑ 6.54% ↑
Multi Cell - DW - 18.6% (DCR) (Per Watt) 10.1 10.3 10.2 -0.1 ↓ -0.97% ↓
Multi Cell - DW - 18.6% (Non DCR) (Per Piece) 32 36.1 32.9 -0.5 ↓ -1.5% ↓
Mono PERC Cell - 21.4%  (Non DCR) (Per Piece) 58.7 63.4 59.7 3.6 ↑ 6.42% ↑
Multi Cell - DW - 18.6% (DCR) (Per Piece) 46.2 47.1 46.6 -0.5 ↓ -1.06% ↓

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PV Solar Panel Prices (per Watt) (Prices in Rs) (Updated on 4/1/2021)

Product Type Min. Price Max. Price Avg. Price Abs. Change % Change
Poly Crystalline Module - 330W (Imported) 15.1 17.8 15.6 -0.2 ↓ -1.27% ↓
Mono PERC Module - 380W (Imported) 17.3 18.9 17.6 -0.1 ↓ -0.56% ↓
Poly Crystalline Module - 330W (Non DCR) 16.4 17.6 16.6 -0.1 ↓ -0.6% ↓
Mono PERC Module - 380W (Non DCR) 20.2 20.6 20.3 0.8 ↑ 4.1% ↑
Poly Crystalline Module - 325/330W (DCR) 19.6 21.3 20.8 -0.2 ↓ -0.95% ↓

Price Analysis for 28 December 2020

The big news is that Coal India Limited (CIL) has filed intimation to
stock exchanges in India for their venture into manufacturing sector of renewable energy with huge
investments in manufacturing of polysilicon, ingot, wafer, cell, module and generation in India.

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  • 5% GST and Transportation within India are extra.
  • All prices are collected from various quotations and information collected by our research wing to best of our knowledge and capacity.
  • Prices are for reference purpose only.
  • eSun Solar holds no responsibility of any decision based on information shared by us.

India’s First Solar Product Price Platform

Market product price information is quite vital information for devising procurement and sales strategies for business of all sizes. Such a platform has been becoming a favourite of many! 

Indian solar market has started maturing in a number of ways. Besides foreign companies, many of Indian large business conglomerates like Adani have already made strides in this sector through both organically and inorganically growth strategies. Similarly, we have already witnessed the abysmally low rates tendered for many Gigawatt size projects. These changes have made this sector extremely competitive. Hence, accurate and timely price information is a vital imperative in this fiercely competing market. eSun Solar has taken such an initiative in the field of solar product prices availability at just a click away.  

eSun Solar, a solar startup company, is India’s first of its kind price information platform for solar products like solar cells and modules. The prices of these products have been displayed in local Indian currency after considering all relevant costs involved like SGD, Freight and Insurance etc. This platform updates spot prices for Indian solar products on a weekly basis along with market analysis. 

eSun Solar collects the price information from various quotations issued by manufacturers from India and abroad. In order to give more credibility to their work, eSun Solar has been inducting a few advisors from Indian solar industry so that it can give a more realistic picture of direction and movement of prices. This platform would help supply chain and marketing sections of any solar business enterprise for taking well informed decisions about their business planning and marketing tactics.   

Further, as the Indian solar manufacturing sector would grow further, we also target that future solar EPC contracts, contracts for solar cells and modules in India would be signed by referring the average prices shown by our price platform, its a similar practice currently being prevalent for contracts for wafers, cells and modules are being signed based on prices displayed by a few of Chinese websites. 

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